Saturday, June 28, 2014


I'm usually a pretty open person, but the road to getting pregnant wore on me. I got so tired of having to answer questions and give the details of something that was emotionally draining to me. Every time I had to talk about it, it drained me a little more. Finally, one day, right after the doctor appointment in which we decided to start fertility treatment, I just decided to send out a mass text to those in my life I'm close to and I basically asked them politely not to ask me any questions about our situation as we began the process. I hoped I wasn't being offensive. That was not my intent. I just needed to be strong mentally, and I felt the more I actually had to talk about it, the less that would occur. Everything I do in life is something I always prepare for mentally, especially for the things that really count. It's just how I function. (I hear this is also how a lot of great athletes approach things. I'm assuming this is something I picked up along the way as I played sports when I was a kid and was part of a competitive cheerleading team in h.s.) A few people didn't respond (I'm assuming this was them being respectful and giving me my space…thank you, by the way) and everyone that did respond was kind and basically said, "We love and support you." I took a deep breath and prepared for the next step in all of this….

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