Monday, June 30, 2014

So There Ya Have It…

that is our story thus far. I am now six months pregnant and praying everything goes well with our baby. I was on disability for a month at the end of the school year and have been obeying fairly strict guidelines from our doctor about taking it easy while I'm currently off work for summer break. I still have no idea whether or not I'll be back to work in the fall. I'm leaving that decision to my doctors. As of right now, I feel that I'll most likely be back to start the school year off with my kiddos.

My due date is approximated as October 27th. However, we just had a level 2 sonogram with a specialist in Sacramento on Friday who said my due date may be more like the 30th of October. I'm not sweating it, because I know it's all in God's timing anyway.

At that same appointment, we were also told that it looks like the hematoma is healing itself. Praise the Lord!! We already knew the sex of our baby because we did genetic testing early on (3 separate nerve wracking rounds of it!) thanks to my "advanced maternal age." Oh, the joys of waiting until you're in your 30's to have a child! Friday's appointment confirmed what genetic testing had already told us about the sex of our baby. (For now I'm keeping that a secret from the public. I'm sure soon enough it will be out. For now, though, I'm keeping it secret with the exception of those who already know.) And lastly, we found out that the baby is currently breech. I'm ok with this. If the baby moves in to the correct position, then that's great and we'll proceed as necessary. If the baby stays put and God decides breech is the way for our little peanut to hang out while chillin inside of me, then far be it from me to question God's plan, and we'll more than likely schedule a C-section. Again, I'm fine with whatever happens - as long as the baby is healthy and I'm healthy. That is really all that matters and what I care about most.

I do have a couple of baby bump pics, but they're not loaded on my laptop yet. Until then, I'll leave you with this very cool fortune I got in a cookie at dinner with my husband the day he found out I was pregnant:

What can I say?! God is good and ALWAYS on time!!  :)

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