Saturday, June 28, 2014

Time Rolls On….

We came back from Newport and continued to try to conceive. By early February, nothing had happened and we were back at the doctor's office discussing fertility options. We decided to proceed with fertility testing for Dustin. (Oh, that was an adventure…and not something that anybody would probably find especially comfortable! Luckily, we managed to keep a sense of humor about it.) We also decided upon fertility treatments for me. This was also something I was NOT looking forward to. It all began to proceed quite quickly. In less than two weeks, we had a couple visits with a urologist, a couple visits to the fertility department at Sutter Hospital downtown, and some medication with detailed instructions about how to start taking fertility treatments.

I prayed A LOT during this time and I'm sure you can imagine how those prayers went. It's amazing how badly you can end up wanting something like a child, especially once you're told that the odds may be stacked against you. Still, I attest to what my cousin Julie always says, "God is always on time." I kept that in mind as I crept out of bed one night while my husband was asleep and I wound up on the bathroom floor crying and quite possibly praying as hard as I ever have in my life (aside from the night I found out my brother was paralyzed). I so badly wanted a child of my own.

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