Monday, June 30, 2014


As I said, the day I found out I was pregnant we were headed to Reno for the weekend with my parents. It was Valentine's Day and I had just found out that I was pregnant. I was SO excited!! I couldn't wait to tell Dustin I was pregnant. On the other hand, though, I wanted to surprise him in a unique way, so I quickly decided there in the bathroom after I took the test, that I was going to wait until we got back from our trip so that I could plan a fun way to tell him.

It was pretty hard to keep my secret throughout our weekend trip with my parents. There were so many times in conversation that I wanted to say, "I'm pregnant!!" But, I managed to keep it to myself. I'm not going to lie…in a way, it made it feel more special to me, like I had a little being growing inside of me and I was the only one who knew and therefore could relish in my own realm of happiness.

We spent Friday night through Sunday in Reno and came home that evening. I still hadn't said a word. I had kept the secret long enough, though and was dying to tell my husband. So, I started working on organizing a plan to tell him….and took another test just to confirm. (Yep, I was sure I was pregnant. There were now two distinct lines showing!) I thought for sure he was on to me, as I was trying to be very sneaky in searching for a way to devise a plan. I scoured the Internet for ideas. I didn't really see anything I liked, though. I went to bed that night without a plan, yet knowing that there was no way I was going to be able to keep this a secret for one more day.

The next day (Monday) we had an appointment to check in with the fertility department at the hospital for Dustin. He got up early and ran a few errands before we were supposed to head out. This bought me a little bit of time to hurry and just get something together. I was able to come up with an idea. (I've always been able to work better under pressure!) It wasn't necessarily the most elaborate idea, but it was cute enough and unique enough for me to be able to finally surprise him with the good news.

Now, to play it cool…

Remember, we were scheduled for a fertility visit. I'm mean and let him go through with the visit. (LOL!!) I wanted him to be SURPRISED!! :)

After we left the hospital, I suggested we head to one of our favorite restaurants for an early lunch on the patio. I knew this is where I was going to tell him. We got to the restaurant, ordered food, and grabbed a table on the patio. We were the only ones out there. It was perfect. And I was scared! Well, I guess more like nervous/anxious. Our food came out very quickly and Dustin ate his as I sort of picked at mine. I was too excited to enjoy food at the moment. Finally, when he had finished I said, "So, I have a surprise for you." He looked puzzled. I continued,"I have another Valentine's Day gift for you." Then I pulled this out of my purse and handed it to him:

*That is the actual box the pregnancy test came in that I wrapped in white paper.

He was starting to look even more puzzled as he opened the box and pulled this out:

Upon reading this, he looked as if he had NO idea what was going on. I was starting to laugh. He was looking at me like I was crazy and asked, "What is this?" I told him to look in the box because there was something else in there. Then he pulled this out:

In his soft spoken voice he simply smiled, looked at me, and said, "Oh my gosh!"

I laughed as tears started to well up in my eyes. 

He repeated it again, "Oh my gosh!"

Then, "You're pregnant?!"

I replied with a sigh of relief, "Yes!"

And then I started to cry as he stood up, walked over to me and hugged me.  As he wrapped his arms around me, again he said, "Oh my gosh." I was laughing and crying at the same time like a crazy person. 

What a memorable moment!  :)

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