Saturday, June 28, 2014

Let's Roll…

In August of 2013 I had laparoscopic surgery in which my doctor removed two fibroids, some scar tissue, a polyp, and cleaned up the endometriosis. *She believed that the fibroids were responsible for giving me painful and heavy menstrual cycles and that the endometriosis was playing a large roll in why I hadn't been able to get pregnant. It also caused my blood counts to be off.

Surgery is never necessarily what anyone wants to do, but when you are entering it with the notion that it will help you to feel better and to possibly help your odds of conceiving, you sort of look forward to it - in a weird way. Additionally, having surgery can make you feel a new sense of hope for your condition and state of mind.

*Don't I look hopeful here?!? LOL! My sweet hubby took this lovely pic of me as I was waiting to get the good stuff hooked up in my IV…AKA: something to take the edge off and put me in LaLa Land. Needless to say, I was starting to get anxious!

Surgery went well and the doctor was able to get everything out except for a tiny fibroid she found that she said was in a really difficult place that would have made surgery more invasive, so she left it alone, feeling that it would be fine and my odds of getting pregnant would still be good.

I was pleased and apparently very emotional after surgery. My dear friend Carrie was there with me that whole day, and when I saw her during post op I cried. I vaguely remember parts of that moment and conversation. I do remember, however, feeling so touched that she cared enough about our friendship to be there with me. It definitely touched my heart. Thank goodness for the people God puts in your life that aren't family, but support you like they are. I feel very blessed with the people I have in my life and I routinely thank God for them in my prayers.

That day I also had these good people with me:

And of course, this man:

And later when I got home, these fools came to visit me too  :)

**In our family, the word "fools" is a term of endearment. It's an inside joke.   ;-)

I went home, started the road to recovery, started a new daily dose of medication to help with fertility, and waited until we had the green light to start trying for a baby again. And we continued about our daily life…

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